Clinic COVID procedures, updated 13th September 2020

Clare Ella Aromatherapy Clinic Procedures updated 13.09.20

To minimise risk to clients and staff the following clinic-wide measures will be in place and applicable to all users:-

• There will be a minimum 15 minute gap between appointments to allow for me to change PPE and complete a thorough clean down of all relevant surfaces within the clinic. This will be completed as per NHS and government advice with the use of a neutral detergent and hot water followed by disinfectant. The areas cleaned will include (but not exclusively) door handles, door buzzer entry system, light switches, taps, treatment couch/ chair, pillows, waiting room furniture if used and the bathroom if used since the previous clean

• If possible please attend on your own or ask anyone accompanying you to wait outside.

• Fabric couch covers will no longer be used

• Any towels used will continue to be single patient use

• Paper couch roll will be placed over the couch and pillows and disposed of after each patient

• In addition to the clinic being cleaned between patients we will continue to maintain the high standards of cleanliness we have always provided

•Please do not wear disposable gloves to the clinic, you will be asked to remove them as wearing gloves from one location to another is less hygienic than simply washing hands

• There will be various signs throughout the clinic about not touching light switches, not moving into communal areas until invited, etc. – please read and take note of what they say.

As I will need to try and ensure that my appointment start and end times do not clash with those of other therapists, I will not be able to offer my usual flexible times every day. My diary will be fixed, with most appointments being for an hour (with 90 mins between appointment times to give time for undressing/dressing and then 15 mins clean down ready for the next client). There will be some longer, 90 minute, appointments available, and some 45 minute appointments, but as there is the same level of cleaning time and PPE etc involved for every appointment, the 45 min appointment price will have to reflect that.

I will be offering a choice of six or seven different blends of essential oils, which I will make up prior to appointments. This will ensure I am not in common parts of the clinic whilst other therapists and their clients are moving around. There will always be a good range of oils included, (see separate list), but if there are specific oils that you like or want that are not included, please let me know before your appointment so that I can do a bespoke mix for you in advance.

When you contact me to make an appointment I will check that you have read the risk assessment form and that, at the time you book, you are able to fulfill all the criteria/ say no to all the questions. If you have one of the long-term conditions listed, or are over 70, I will need to check that it is appropriate for you to attend. I will ask if you have confirmation from your GP that it is OK for you to attend the clinic for treatment and/or are happy to sign the consent form, with full awareness of the potential risks.

I will then book you in and confirm the date/ time. If, at any time between booking your appointment and your treatment date, your answers to the risk assessment questions change, please contact me as soon as possible so that I can cancel your appointment and offer it to someone else.

I will contact you one or two days before your appointment, to check:-
1) nothing on the risk assessment has changed,
2) you will still be attending for your treatment,
3) there has been no change in your general health or medication since your last treatment,
4) your method of payment
5) which oil or cream blend you would like
6) whether you have your own face covering or would like to buy a mask from at the clinic for 50p
7) if you will be bringing your own towel/ small sheet to put between you and the couch.

If anything changes overnight, please contact me immediately on the day of your appointment. You will appreciate that with the new procedures in place it will be very difficult for me to fill appointments at short notice, but no-one will be penalised for cancelling due to COVID related symptoms.

On the day of your appointment:-

If possible, please print off the consent form and bring it, duly signed and dated, to your first appointment. If you are not able to do that, I will have some blank forms available at the clinic (together with a pen that will be cleaned after each use by clients).

Please arrive on time for your appointment – not more than a couple of minutes early – as I will be cleaning down between clients, and will not be able to let you in early. If the traffic is kind to you and you arrive early, please wait in your car, or go for a walk, as you will not be able to wait in the clinic. There will be no magazines in the waiting area.

Please only bring into the clinic what you need with you (eg house/car keys, phone, purse, water bottle).

When you ring the bell, (if I don’t see you and open the door for you before you get to the bell!), I will welcome you at the door (wearing a mask and visor), and step back to let you in. Please remain at the entrance where your temperature will be checked via a non-contact thermometer. You will need to clean your hands with hand sanitizer which will be provided at the clinic, after placing anything you are carrying into a plastic box that will be taken into the treatment room. The current advice is that clients should be asked to wear a mask/ face covering throughout their time in the clinic. If you do not have a face covering, I will be able to provide you with a disposable one for 50p. The bathroom will be available if you need the toilet. The light is to be left on throughout the day, to avoid using the light pull switch.

You will then be invited to go straight into the treatment room and undress, putting your clothes into another plastic box. Wet overcoats/ umbrellas/ hats etc can be hung on the back of the treatment room door, and shoes placed under the massage couch, but other clothing will be placed in the box. The reflexology chair head rest will be covered with paper couch roll. The massage couch will be covered with a plastic cover and paper couch roll – unless you are bringing your own towel to place on the couch, – as we are advised not to use material couch covers. I have a number of the washable silicone face-hole covers and disposable soft material face hole covers for the couch. I will prepare the couch with one of the silicone-gel face supports but please ask for a disposable face-hole cover if you prefer.

Whilst you are undressing and getting ready, I will be washing my hands and putting on an apron and visor. In line with current professional governing body and insurance company advice, I will not be wearing gloves to massage. If there is anything that you need to tell me regarding changes in medical history (other than COVID-related), that you forgot to do so the day before, there will be an opportunity to do so briefly at the start of the treatment. I’m afraid that there can be no flexibility in the length of your treatment time. At the end of the treatment I will take off my PPE and put it in a bag as I leave the room. I will then go and wash my hands and wait for you to get dressed and open the treatment room door when you are ready.

Once dressed, I’m sorry but I will not be providing a glass of water. If you think you may need a drink whilst at the clinic, please bring a water bottle in with you, but it would be preferable to have a drink in your car for you to have before you set off home. Again, if you need it, the toilet will be available for you to use immediately after your treatment, before I start my clean-down.

As you leave the clinic, I will be able to have a 2m apart brief conversation with you in the reception area, and make another appointment for you.

I do not have card facilities but you can pay by bank transfer before attending your appointment. I will give my bank details to any client who does not have them already. If you do not have access to internet banking, I will continue to accept cheques. They should be made payable to Clare Ella, and written/ dated/signed before coming to your appointment, and placed in a plastic bag or envelope and handed to me on arrival. If neither of these options are possible, I will accept cash for the correct amount, inside an envelope. I will not have change available. Please let me know in advance which method you will be using to pay.
Paper receipts will not be provided as a matter of course, but if you need one (for example to claim under a private healthcare policy), please let me know in advance and I can provide one. Alternatively I can provide a copy receipt via email.

In order to cover my costs for the PPE and other extra expenses, my available treatments, and charges, will be:-

Reflexology in chair 60 mins £40
Combined shoulder/back massage with reflexology 60 mins £45
Neck/shoulder/back massage 60 mins £45
Full body massage 60 mins £45
Shoulder/back massage OR back/legs/feet 45 mins £38
Full body massage including reflexology 90 mins £60
Reiki 60 mins £30

Any vouchers will still be honoured. If you intend to use a voucher to pay for a treatment, please let me know when you book so that we can discuss the payment of any balance that may be due.

Finally – please remember – if you attend the clinic with signs or symptoms of COVID-19, or test positive within 14 days after having been in the clinic, my business (and potentially others) will have to close for 14 days, affecting my income and cancelling the appointments for everyone else during that period.

SO it is VITAL that you don’t attend an appointment if you are feeling at all unwell or exhibiting signs/symptoms of COVID-19, or if anyone in your household is. Also if, within 14 days of attending the clinic, you test positive for COVID-19, you must contact me as soon as possible so that I can take any necessary action personally and report to Jenny so that she can make informed decisions at the clinic.

There will be no late cancellation fees for anyone cancelling due to themselves or anyone in their household having COVID-19 related symptoms, or being told by the government tracing service to self-isolate.

I update my Clare Ella Aromatherapy Facebook page on a regular basis, so if you are a FB user, can I suggest you keep an eye on that for any further updates too.