I am very pleased to be able to announce that from 1st June 2017 I am offering reflexology as an additional treatment at Clare Ella Aromatherapy.

Quite a few of my regular clients have already experienced my reflexology ‘touch’ as they kindly volunteered their feet to be part of the 100 recorded practical sessions that I had to do for part of my course. I am creating a ‘post’ which features the short paper I did on the history and background to reflexology, which you might like to read if you are not familiar with it. Whilst it can be very useful in helping with a number of conditions, the overwhelming response to reflexology treatments from clients, is that it is very relaxing. I have already had clients fall asleep whilst being treated.

I will be offering 60 minute reflexology sessions for £40, but am also happy to incorporate reflexology into a massage or Reiki session too. For example you could have a 45 minute neck, back and shoulders massage, immediately followed by a 45 minute reflexology session, or how about 60 minutes of reflexology and half an hour of Reiki?