Monthly Archives: June 2015

Vetiver most popular oil amidst some lovely blends last week

I seem to have had a bit of a ‘vetiver’ fest the last few weeks – although it is quite a strong aroma, it has featured in some very useful blends which the clients in question have loved!

Vetiver, Roman chamomile & carrot seed – great for her skin and really helped with relaxation
Vetiver, mandarin and black pepper – warming, grounding, relaxing – great for quietening the body and the mind
Vetiver, rosemary & peppermint – hmmm – she didn’t want to get off the couch after a back massage with that combination!!

A few other ‘special’ blends last week –

Jasmine, plai & mandarin – a heady combination of floral, root and citrus – yum!
Niaouli, black pepper & lavender – really helped relax her neck and shoulder muscles
Benzoin, jasmine & neroli – another combination that works on so many levels – muscles, skin, emotions, energy levels – all benefited from this mix..

Although I usually suggest oils that may be of benefit to the conditions that you present with, my clients can always ask for me to use their particular favourite oils, or oils with particular aroma groups.* With approximately 60 to choose from, you are usually happy with the result!! (*subject to any contraindications due to pre-existing medical conditions or prescription medicines of course)

What will your blend be??

Looking forward to seeing you